Catey Rice, M.Ed., M.S., BCBA, LBA, COBA

ROLE: Director of Research & Development

Why I joined the field of ABA...

"I was working as a parent educator at a local family resource center. I participated in intensive training to become an accredited Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) provider. The Triple P program has roots in Applied Behavior Analysis. I loved teaching that program and knew that I wanted to go into behavior analysis. After leaving that job to stay home with my kids, I decided to pursue more schooling and received a master's in Applied Behavior Analysis and another master's in Family & Human Development. "

Catey Rice is a newly accredited BCBA (as of January 2023!). She received her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Applied Behavior Analysis. She also has a Master of Science in Family and Human Development. Catey has worked as a parent educator for a local family resource center. She is an accredited provider of Triple P (Positive Parenting Program). Catey’s passion is in research and telehealth.

What is your favorite part of working for K-Now?
I love that K-Now is a person-centered company. The owners and supervisors are extremely supportive of their employees. They ensure that the employees are taking care of themselves. They also have a way of taking your weaknesses and strengths and making them into stronger strengths. In other words, they do not just focus on your weaknesses, but they also utilize your strengths for a perfect balance of learning. It is also mom-owned, so they are understanding of the mom-work life dynamic.

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