Sheena Navarro

ROLE: Operations Lead

Why I joined the field of ABA...

"Even though the part I play in the ABA field doesn't include direct therapy services, I have first-hand experience in the success found through ABA and see the value that it brings to children and their families. Having the opportunity to help others the way that ABA helped my family, no matter how remote, was a privilege I couldn't pass by."

Sheena was born and raised in Idaho. Not to fit into the mold of a stereotype, but Sheena grew up on a potato farm. Sheena has over 18 years of customer service experience and over 5 years of Human Resources experience. Sheena works closely with the K-Now Executive Team to create Policies, Procedures, and other supporting documents that help our staff better support our clients. It has always been Sheena’s ambition to work with children. Even though Sheena works behind the scenes and isn’t directly involved in ABA services, she is ready to step in and help support the rest of K-Now’s team wherever needed. In Sheena’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, traveling, and not doing laundry.

What is my favorite part of working at K-Now?
I love that I can be part of a team that helps children build on their strengths and find a voice that is heard. I may not work directly with children and be personally involved in their path to success, but I am happy to be able to support my Team in our effort to help each child succeed and for that, I am forever grateful!
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