Visuals for ABA-Based Practice

Visuals for ABA-Based Practice

Visuals are used to help individuals who have a difficulty understanding or using language to communicate. 

What are the benefits of using visual supports? 

Beneficial for people who are nonvocal or have a limited vocabulary. These visuals aren’t simply for conversations either. They are useful to help individuals make choices, create schedules, complete daily tasks, and understand specific concepts like time. This is no different than others that rely on calendars, recipes, or to-do lists that help us remember details or plans. 

These visuals create predictability, reducing overall frustration. In addition, visuals assist in promoting independence and allow clients to feel more involved with daily activities as well as better express their thoughts and move through transitions. 

Client Visuals

First Then Visual
First Then Next Visual
First Then Graphics
Mini First Then Visual
Mini First Then Graphics
Token Boards
Mini Token Boards
Choice Board
To Do/Done Tracker
Anatomy/Body- Part of the Whole
Anatomy/Body- Individual Parts
Picture Book

Staff Visuals

Prompt Hierarchy
Prompt Hierarchy- Least to Most
Prompt Hierarchy- Most to Least
Punishment/Reinforcement Matrix
Functions of Behavior- Poster 24x18
ABC- Poster 24x18
Verbal Operants
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