Services Offered

K-Now Behavioral Solutions is dedicated to providing engaging resources, modeling best processes, and creating practical applications.

Our goal is to customize the experience for each and every client. K-Now’s ability to provide a quality experience is made possible by our highly qualified consultants bringing various areas of expertise to the table.

Explore how we can help...

Family Services

From accessing services and finding the best fit for you and your family to celebrating progress, the K-Now Team stands with you every step of the way.

Business Services

The K-Now Team is able to support all stages of your business journey! Whether you are interested in an ABA-based start-up or looking to audit your current company and processes, we have the experience.

Remote Supervision

K-Now Behavioral Solutions provides remote supervision for trainees seeking their BCBA or BCaBA certification. It's more than just the exam- task list and beyond!

Populations Served




Behavioral Issues

Down Syndrome

Developmental Delay


Communication Delay

12 months to 6 years

School Age



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