Our Approach

Our Approach
K-Now Behavioral Solutions understands and recognizes the uniqueness of each child.
We are not here to change their personality to fit social norms, but instead give them the tools to navigate and thrive in their social environment. You will not find a one size fits all program here. Each child is different and each child has different abilities we want to highlight. K-Now Behavioral Solutions encompasses ABA-foundational principles and evidence based practices to create an individualized program focusing on the child’s needs. It is all about your child!
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence based practice used in treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related diagnosis. ABA is an evidenced based approach using learning theory based interventions to improve socially significant behaviors (Baer, et al., 1968). ABA systematically rearranges and manipulates environmental variables to increase independence and socially preferred behaviors.

At K-Now Behavioral Solutions we create an environment that is safe, relaxing, and fun. Using ABA-based teaching methods such as Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Incidental Teaching to develop language, adaptive, social and educational skills. An Interview-informed, synthesized contingency analysis(IISCA) is used to identify problem behaviors using a safe and reliable method.

What is NET?

  • NET can be described as a bridge between intensive instruction and incidental instruction. NET occurs in the natural setting, but the therapist maintains control of environmental stimuli.

What is Incidental Teaching?

  • Incidental teaching allows the therapist to use everyday unscripted opportunities to teach target skills.

What is IISCA?

  • IISCA is a form of a functional analysis that is quick, safe and reliable. It using open ended questions to develop contingencies necessary to understand why behavior is occurring and develop an effective individualized treatment program.
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