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K-Now Behavioral Solutions, LLC engages in the development of resources, cultivation of professionals, and the implementation of services to support diverse populations through the use of engaging methods while modeling best processes in our everyday practice.


Dedicated to being a resource for family-focused and client-centered services, research and supervision related to telehealth, education and business development for individuals and organizations, and advocacy and support of underserved populations.

Core Values

Engage in the cultivation of adaptive application and models socially significant behavior through innovation, collaboration, and accountability in our everyday practice.

  • Innovation - The development of research and education by merging foundational knowledge with relevant technology.
  • Collaboration - The fostering of partnerships through the cultivation of individual connections for successful outcomes.
  • Accountability - The commitment to acceptance of our responsibility for our behavior.

Diversity Statement

K-Now Behavioral Solutions, LLC is committed to fostering empowerment and belonging through diversity, inclusion, and equality. We engage, listen, and collaborate with our diverse stakeholders, communities, team members, and supervisees in order to develop a model for best practices.

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