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Welcome to Be In the Know with Dr. Britt Farley, or the K-Log, as I like to call it! If you have stumbled upon this blog you are most likely a caregiver of someone who is neurodiverse, in the field of ABA and want an amazing resource for your caregivers, or you are just interested in the raw truth of what it means to be a caregiver with a nerodiverse child. No mater your motivation I am glad you stopped by.

First let me introduce myself! I am Dr. Britt and I am co-owner and CEO (Chief Emotional Officer) of K-Now Behavioral Solutions and K-Now Educational Solutions. I am a BCBA-D dedicated to supporting caregivers as they navigate the waters of a neurodiverse diagnosis whether they are new to the show or seasoned vets. Additionally, I am an EFMP mom, military wife, daughter, volunteer, coach, sister, advocate, and friend.

Enough about me, let me tell you what you will find here! The focus of our K-log is providing resources for caregivers who have neurodiversed children. We will focus on an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, but our tips and tricks can be used across the neurodiverse spectrum. Topics will range from being initially diagnosed, traveling, holidays and so much more. You will hear from me (Dr. Britt), but also have the chance to hear from other K-Now team members and guest K-logers. So, get ready because the fun is just beginning!

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Brittney Farley

Brittney Farley

Determined, dedicated, tenacious, empowering and reliable are often words used to describe Dr. Britt Farley. Dr. B has spent that last decade practicing, researching, supervising and teaching in the field of behavior analysis. She has provided behavior support in a variety of settings specializing in 18-months to 9-years-old with little to no vocal communication. Her research has focused on telehealth in the field of ABA, remote staff training, using ABA in volunteerism, and the military population affected by an ASD diagnosis.

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