Kelly Robben, M.A., M.P.H., BCBA, COBA, LBA

ROLE: Chief Clinical Officer

Why I joined the field of ABA...

"A good friend told me what it was, and convinced me to give it a try. As soon as I saw the impact it had on one child, I knew I made the right choice. "

Kelly Robben is often described as passionate, organized, and reliable making her an ideal BCBA supervisor and mentor. She has been working in the field of behavior analysis for the past six years. In 2014 she started as an RBT and quickly fell in love with the field, making the decision to pursue her BCBA. She has a Masters in Public Health and Masters in Exceptional Student Education. Kelly has experience providing ABA-based services in clinic and community settings. She has immense experience creating and supervising programs for children with ASD ages 3-20. Kelly has provided parent and staff training focusing on ABA principles and techniques. She has also provided webinars focusing on telehealth and ABA and job safety during COVID-19 pandemic. Kelly is also a mom to 2 kids and an Air Force wife. She enjoys camping, hiking, biking and traveling any chance she gets. Kelly also runs her own photography business and is an avid runner. Kelly was born with a go-getter attitude that shows in both her professional and personal life.

What is your favorite part of working at K-Now?
I love being able to provide ABA to communities that don’t have availability in their local area through remote training and supervising.

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