Telehealth ABA-Based Therapy

K-Now Behavioral Solutions defines telehealth as the use of telecommunication technologies (i.e. internet) to support ABA-based services provided from a distance. K-Now BCBAs/BCaBAs use telehealth as an individual program and in conjunction with in-person services. Telehealth services can include caregiver support, behavior assessment, skill assessments, session supervision, and direct therapy. All K-Now BCBAs/BCaBAs are trained in telehealth modalities with a combined 10 years of telehealth experience. K-Now’s founder Dr. Britt Farley has provided a variety of telehealth services, conducted research focusing on using telehealth to support rural and military families, and provides continuing education courses for other professionals seeking to provide telehealth. Telehealth is not just something we do, but something we live to do!

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